About Us

History Indoors was started to bring some of the newest ideas in history to the public.

We started this project as a way to bring history to people in isolation from the Coronavirus pandemic, as we found that lockdown has not been particularly intellectually stimulating for anyone and wanted to do something for people stuck indoors. As history researchers, we thought we would do what we do best and share our weird, wacky and wonderful research with the public.

This project would be nothing without our wonderful volunteers – a massive thank you to Steven Bishop, Mike O’Keeffe, Julie Miller, Ryan Clarke, Liam Redfern, Sam Woodward, Christopher Walklett, Percy Lomax, Louise Rodwell, Ben Fuggle, Miles Clayton, and everyone at the University of Essex in the Department of History! We would also like to thank Hannah and Mike Onslow, without whom this wonderful website would not be possible; we now know that whilst we are ourselves locked up indoors, the kindness of others is not. A massive thank you to everyone whom makes this project possible!

Michael (left) and Lewis (right)

About our Founders

Michael our founder in chief. He researches how the British Civil War is remembered in nineteenth century Colchester, and is probably a tad overly enthusiastic about it! He completed his undergraduate and Masters degree at Winchester, a place he is also very enthusiastic for!

Lewis is our co-founder. He loves modern history, focusing on industry and its impact on our culture and our everyday lives. He has been at the University of Essex for the past 7 years where he has written about the British Overseas Airways Corporation, British Rail and Marconi. A passionate gamer, he loves looking at how video games portray history.