Jeffrey Hudson: Disability on display

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Amy Saunders

Please note that this talk is on Tuesday 21st of September

Jeffrey Hudson’s (1619-1682) small stature made him a curiosity in early modern England, and subsequently led to the Duke of Buckingham ‘gifting’ Hudson to Queen Henrietta Maria. Portraits of Hudson and material culture related to his life give us a glimpse into this world, one that can be shocking to a modern audience. The objects connected to Hudson have featured in major exhibitions and heritage sites, portraits of him can be found in the royal collection, his suit of armour is displayed at the Tower of London, and Hudson’s childhood home still stands in Oakham, Rutland.

This talk will explore how Hudson is portrayed in museums, exhibitions, and public places; and will examine the relationship between these sites of education and memory, and the discussion of disability in history.