Magic and Monarchy: Women in Historical Fiction

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Cody Henry and Amy Saunders

The voices of early modern women have long been silenced by historical record, but historical fiction gives us new ways of understanding and even relating to these colourful characters from centuries past!  

This discussion will examine literary representations of women in a patriarchal period; women in power and women with power, heroes and villains, girlhood, queerness and sexuality, transgression and rebellion!  

Join Amy and Cody as they delve into the fascinating world of historical fiction. In this discussion, Cody will explore the dark, Gothic tale of the Pendle witches, and Amy will talk all about women in charge, Queen Henrietta Maria and Queen Christina of Sweden. What do witches and queens have in common? Come along to hear all about it! 

Keywords: women;  early modern; literature; historical fiction; queenship; witchcraft; Pendle; Christina of Sweden; Henrietta Maria; Women’s History Month