The Battle of France: The Maginot Line, Blitzkrieg and Hitler’s Gamble

Wednesday 21 July 2021

James Jefferies and Ryan Clarke

The Battle of France is shrouded in myth and misconception in popular memory. Whether this be seeing the evacuation of Dunkirk as a victory and forgetting other evacuations or the actions or of seeing the French forces are largely ineffective or weak. The part played by forces outside of Britain, such as Poland and Belgium, will also be examined. Was blitzkrieg really the main factor in the Wehrmacht’s victory? Did the Luftwaffe always have control of the skies over the battlefield? Were allied commanders so willing to concede defeat to the Nazis?

In this talk historians Ryan Clarke and James Jefferies delve deeper into the lesser known stories of the battle by compiling official sources, first-hand accounts, and adding their own insights to re-evaluate the battle and bring forward those forgotten moments. Answering the above questions and many more, Ryan and James promise that you won’t think of the Battle of France in quite the same way again.