The Hillsborough Disaster & what it says about Britain from the 80s onwards

Wednesday 6 April 2022


Chris Walklett

What happened at Hillsborough on April 15th 1989, was shocking and sickening on so many levels. However, what was more shocking and sickening still, was what the families of the bereaved had to go through in order to achieve anything approaching justice for the loved ones they lost. 

This talk will examine how some the occurrences of that day reverberated as the weeks, years and indeed decades passed – and in doing so expose much of what was / is rotten in this nation.

Conversely though it also demonstrated all that is good – namely the heart, soul, spirit and fight of those that were wronged as they battled against the seemingly insurmountable odds and obstacles imposed upon them by numerous elements of, and within, the British state, in order both to achieve justice and put the record straight as the ‘the truth’.

5 keywords: Hillsborough, Disaster, 1980s, Truth, Justice