What Actually Were the Anglo-Dutch Wars?

Saturday 5 September 2020

Michael Sewell

Not many people have ever heard of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth century – These were three wars between England and the United Provinces (you’ll know them today as the Netherlands) between 1652 and 1674, fought for money, prestige and political rivalries in England.  The Anglo-Dutch wars saw battles of over a hundred ships per side off the coast of England, dramatically affecting towns in England (including Colchester and Medway).  Michael will answer questions such as, who was England’s greatest ever admiral?  Why did the Dutch and English fight?  Who won?  He will also point out England’s worst naval defeat in its history and show how it transformed British naval warfare.  Through the Anglo-Dutch Wars we will find how England came to rule the waves and how it shaped British history.  But Michael will also ask an important question; if it was so important, then why did we forget them?